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Beesub.org is the structure founded by freelance graphic designer & Art Director Stéphane Faure as a full service studYah! FUCK IT! THIS IS MY BLOG!

This is the place to follow my work, see my trials, errors and success through my creative journey. This is the place where I share my process and WIP. The place where I do my shit.

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Fuze Project
An on-going project...

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My take on the Fuze Project...

"Fuze" is a project started and developped by my good friend Romain Chauliac (Wizix) almost 1 year ago now. His goal: "teach 3D to people and create a full CG shot, detailing all the process from start to finish." Really? I'M IN! Let's learn new things and see where things go! Like everyone else, I think learning and discovering new tricks, tools or workflow, is one of the most important part in the creative process. This is my take on "Fuze". I followed some of the steps, from a distance. Trying to keep the spirit and workflow. Once I understood the basics, I did my thing.

Beauty Shot_____

Fuze Project - Gun

The 1st part of "Fuze" is splited into several sections. This is my take on it. If I kept the spirit & basic workflow of it, I didn't want to stay true to the original. So I added some variations. For the rendering part, I discovered Arnold renderer for Maya. Once I learned the basics, I created my own shaders, decals & graphics and did the final comp in Photoshop.