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Beesub.org is the structure founded by freelance graphic designer & Art Director Stéphane Faure as a full service studYah! FUCK IT! THIS IS MY BLOG!

This is the place to follow my work, see my trials, errors and success through my creative journey. This is the place where I share my process and WIP. The place where I do my shit.

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Tumblr Batmobile
Dark side of the hard surface...

image test


Hard Surface in C4D

Keep learning Hard Surface. This time using C4D for the Tumblr Batmobile. Modelling is done. Loooong process (and boring sometimes to be honest) but I learned so much doing this as well. Next steps (as always) will be UV and textures for this one. Still not sure how to do it but I might give it a try in Substance Painter. Why not?...

Beauty Shot_____

Tumblr Batmobile - Clay Renders

I know it's not "clay" but I am so used to Zbrush, that I keep calling it "clay renders" when I do neutral grey rendering. Next step is texture and new renders. This should be fun. Not sure to unfold UV for this. It might work the simple way. Stay tuned.